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IBM - Smarter Planet

IBM - SMarter planet


For the latest installment in IBM's Smarter Planet campaign, we got to channel our inner Paul Rand for a series of deceptively simple animations that celebrate the role of big data across multiple industries. We were even allowed to animated Rand's famous Eye Bee M Rebus!


Directed by

Executive Creative Director
Orion Tait

Executive Producer
Anne Skopas

Creative Director
Thomas Schmid

Kevin Hall

Thomas Schmid
Yker Moreno
Justin Fines
Laura Alejo
Nicolo Bianchino
Stephen Kelleher
Gareth O'Brien
Daniel Oeffinger
Freddy Arenas
Bran Dougherty-Johnson
Emmett Dzieza

Nicolo Bianchino
Ian Sigmon
Andrew Schoneweis
Hayato Yamane

Cel Animation
Jake Armstrong
Ryan Frost

Original Music By
Jason Krebs at PULSE Music